About Us
National Oral Healthcare Sushruta Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the oral healthcare, honoring individuals in respective fields for their outstanding achievement. These awards are instrumental for motivating other professionals to strive for greater heights and to contribute more actively towards promoting the profession’s intellectual, creative and ethical value systems.

The awards give professionals in India a great platform to benchmark their achievements against their peers; giving award winners a professional boost to perform better and achieve higher. It is not easy to win the Sushruta Award given the rigorous judging process; making the winners true stalwarts in their respective categories.
Our Commitment and Core Values
National Oral Healthcare Sushruta Awards is committed to recognising those who demonstrate excellence in their fields to improve the overall well being of community with special focus on oral health care.

Outstanding work, projects and initiatives that deliver healthcare excellence and innovation are noted by Sushruta Award. The Awards bring together health and wellness professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, managers, and strategic players. An opportunity to network, exchange thoughts and meet outstanding professionals who demonstrated vision, compassion and dedication in the performance of their duties. These individuals are an inspiration to the rest of us as they create innovation trends in the oral health care industry.